branch age title state review_status
c-toxcore 1929 JFreegman/cleanup 2d cleanup: make some non-const pointers const blocked
c-toxcore 1928 JFreegman/int_casts 2d fix: unintentional integer down-casts blocked
c-toxcore 1922 iphydf/no-sonar 9d chore: Don't run sonar scan on pull requests. blocked iphydf
c-toxcore 1913 iphydf/cleanups 10d cleanup: Use a `switch` statement for the TCP client state machine. blocked iphydf
c-toxcore 1885 JFreegman/netprof 12d feat: Implement Tox network profiler blocked JFreegman,robinlinden
c-toxcore 1847 sudden6/test/split_iterate 22d test: add tests for the ToxAV multithreading modes dirty iphydf
c-toxcore 1825 sudden6/remove_options_default 28d refactor: remove tox_options_default(...) and make Tox_Options opaque dirty sudden6
c-toxcore 1821 iphydf/tox-loop 29d feat: WIP: Add back the `tox_loop` implementation for low latency. dirty iphydf
c-toxcore 1818 nurupo/create-savedata 29d feat: Add programs for creating savedata & bootstrap keys blocked nurupo
c-toxcore 1817 TokTok/restyled/pull-909 30d Restyle WIP: copy proxy_host and savedata_data dirty
c-toxcore 1781 zoff99/zoff99/msgv3_poc_001 40d msgV3 PoC blocked zoff99
c-toxcore 1683 nurupo/socks5-username-password-auth 348d feat: Add username/password SOCKS5 auth dirty
c-toxcore 1668 zugz/expert975ft 398d perf: Take advantage of fast networks for file transfers dirty
c-toxcore 1655 TokTok/restyled/pull-1561 575d Restyle New Handshake based on Noise IK pattern dirty
c-toxcore 1654 JFreegman/ngc_jf 580d feat: New groupchat implementation blocked JFreegman,irungentoo
c-toxcore 1645 zgfzgf/master 590d perf: Remove recursive calling code blocked zgfzgf
c-toxcore 1561 goldroom/tb_noise_handshake_IK 622d feat: New Handshake based on Noise IK pattern dirty goldroom
c-toxcore 1505 zugz/libAutoTest 632d test: Separate run_auto_tests into a library dirty zugz
c-toxcore 1431 zoff99/zoff99/toxav_public_api_part_009_big_change 650d refactor: Make ToxAV independent of toxcore internals. blocked zoff99
c-toxcore 1408 goldroom/tb_tox_handshake_AKE_comments 672d docs: Documented the Tox handshake/AKE in docs/ and added c… dirty goldroom
c-toxcore 1401 zugz/relayStuckTest 676d test: WIP: add test of fallback use of TCP relays dirty
c-toxcore 1335 zugz/forwarding 894d feat: WIP: new friend finding dirty
c-toxcore 1323 anthonybilinski/rtt_update 993d perf: WIP: Improve file transfer speed dirty
c-toxcore 1243 hugbubby/zoff-capabilities-feature 1179d WIP: Capabilities Packet blocked
c-toxcore 909 sudden6/internal_malloc 1322d WIP: copy proxy_host and savedata_data dirty sudden6
ci-tools 26 TokTok/restyled/pull-24 380d Restyle feat: Add support for GitHub Actions in travis-haskell blocked
ci-tools 24 robinlinden/gh-actions-support 389d feat: Add support for GitHub Actions in travis-haskell blocked robinlinden
ci-tools 18 iphydf/build-shc 657d Build stack-hpc-coveralls from source. dirty
echobot-jvm 54 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.slf4j-slf4j-log4j12-1.7.33 13d Bump slf4j-log4j12 from 1.7.32 to 1.7.33 blocked
echobot-jvm 53 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.apache.maven.plugins-maven-compiler-plugin-3.9.0 14d Bump maven-compiler-plugin from 3.8.1 to 3.9.0 blocked
echobot-jvm 52 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.jupiter-junit-jupiter-api-5.8.2 55d Bump junit-jupiter-api from 5.7.2 to 5.8.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 51 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.platform-junit-platform-runner-1.8.2 55d Bump junit-platform-runner from 1.7.2 to 1.8.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 50 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.jupiter-junit-jupiter-engine-5.8.2 55d Bump junit-jupiter-engine from 5.7.2 to 5.8.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 49 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.platform-junit-platform-launcher-1.8.2 55d Bump junit-platform-launcher from 1.7.2 to 1.8.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 46 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.slf4j-slf4j-log4j12-1.7.32 190d Bump slf4j-log4j12 from 1.7.30 to 1.7.32 blocked
echobot-jvm 42 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.platform-junit-platform-launcher-1.7.2 255d Bump junit-platform-launcher from 1.6.2 to 1.7.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 41 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.jupiter-junit-jupiter-engine-5.7.2 255d Bump junit-jupiter-engine from 5.6.2 to 5.7.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 40 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.jupiter-junit-jupiter-api-5.7.2 255d Bump junit-jupiter-api from 5.6.2 to 5.7.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 39 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.platform-junit-platform-runner-1.7.2 255d Bump junit-platform-runner from 1.6.2 to 1.7.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 37 TokTok/dependabot/add-v2-config-file 273d Upgrade to GitHub-native Dependabot dirty
echobot-jvm 28 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.toktok-tox4j-c_darwin-x86_64-0.2.12 527d Bump tox4j-c_darwin-x86_64 from 0.2.11 to 0.2.12 blocked
echobot-jvm 22 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.apache.maven.plugins-maven-surefire-plugin-2.22.2 639d Bump maven-surefire-plugin from 2.19.1 to 2.22.2 blocked
echobot-jvm 20 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.junit.platform-junit-platform-surefire-provider-1.3.2 639d Bump junit-platform-surefire-provider from 1.0.1 to 1.3.2 blocked
hs-msgpack-binary 78 TokTok/restyled/pull-77 478d Restyle Use `persist` to read/write bytestrings dirty
hs-msgpack-binary 77 bjornbugge/master 478d Use `persist` to read/write bytestrings dirty
hs-schema 1 robinlinden/add-enum 1857d Add enum to schema. blocked iphydf
hs-toxcore 196 JFreegman/ngc_packet_update 38d docs: update NGC packet spec to reflect recent changes blocked
hs-toxcore 157 zoff99/zoff99/capabilties_docs 1179d add docs for TOX_CAPABILITIES Flag Bits dirty
js-toxcore-c 134 TokTok/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/jsdoc-3.6.10 2d Bump jsdoc from 3.6.7 to 3.6.10 blocked
js-toxcore-c 133 TokTok/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/mocha-9.2.0 3d Bump mocha from 3.5.3 to 9.2.0 blocked
js-toxcore-c 127 TokTok/restyled/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/prettier-2.5.1 52d Restyle Bump prettier from 2.0.5 to 2.5.1 unstable
js-toxcore-c 126 TokTok/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/prettier-2.5.1 52d Bump prettier from 2.0.5 to 2.5.1 blocked
js-toxcore-c 120 TokTok/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/ref-napi-3.0.3 55d Bump ref-napi from 1.4.3 to 3.0.3 blocked
jtox 37 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.openjfx-javafx-controls-17.0.2 7d Bump javafx-controls from 15.0.1 to 17.0.2 blocked
jtox 36 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.openjfx-javafx-fxml-17.0.2 7d Bump javafx-fxml from 15.0.1 to 17.0.2 blocked
jtox 33 TokTok/dependabot/maven/org.openjfx-javafx-maven-plugin-0.0.8 54d Bump javafx-maven-plugin from 0.0.5 to 0.0.8 blocked
py-toxcore-c 73 iphydf/rewrite 10d refactor: Rewrite pytox using Cython. (WIP) blocked iphydf
qTox 30 iphydf/qtox-merge 625d chore: Merge remote-tracking branch 'qtox/master' blocked
spec 77 iphydf/update 651d Update spec with latest changes to hs-toxcore. blocked
toktok-stack 315 TokTok/dependabot/submodules/c-toxcore-5a88159 2d chore(deps): Bump c-toxcore from `c5c8aee` to `5a88159` blocked
toktok-stack 314 TokTok/dependabot/submodules/toxic-f6f41a5 3d chore(deps): Bump toxic from `ceb175e` to `f6f41a5` blocked
toxic 116 JFreegman/tcp_new_groupchats 444d feat: New groupchats blocked JFreegman
website 252 TokTok/restyled/gatsby 55d Restyle WIP: Revamp website built on Gatsby. dirty
website 148 iphydf/gatsby 660d WIP: Revamp website built on Gatsby. dirty iphydf
website 100 SkyzohKeyForks/designs/chatlogs-spec 1455d [WIP] Add Tox Chat Logs Standard specification blocked SkyzohKey
website 99 SkyzohKeyForks/get-started/api-docs 1455d API docs for ToxCore and related libraries blocked SkyzohKey